Quality organic foods are ideal choices when creating a healthy diet and lifestyle for you and your family.

Butcher by Nature, located in the Village, provides a wide variety of organic products that will not only satisfy your health-conscious needs, but your budget needs as well.

This speciality butcher shop offers certified organic and naturally raised meats, poultry, fish, salads and breads – all the ingredients for a wholesome, home cooked meal. The vast array of naturally raised and organic products available from Butcher by Nature are free from artificial hormones and genetically modified organisms.

The shop’s certified meat handler serves up not only beef, fish, and poultry, but marinated meats, a variety of game meats like bison, elk, venison and wild boar, smoked peppered duck breast, duck confit and whole duck as well. Butcher by Nature’s main commitment to the customer is to continually create more options for making healthy eating decisions convenient and easy.

Flat chickens – essentially whole chickens de-boned except for the wings and drumsticks – have been a restaurant secret for many years. Butcher by Nature has taken the special cut and modified it to be fast and easy for the consumer to prepare. The flat chickens are available in six different marinades and can be oven roasted or indirectly grilled by lighting one side of a barbeque to medium/high, placing the meat on the opposite, unlit, side and shutting the lid.

The shop also offers a large assortment of gourmet sausages, including the popular Macedonian leek, prepared on-site using all-natural casings. Their deli, ready to slice, offers roast beef cooked to perfection, Berkshire ham, beef salami, and prosciutto, turkey breast, and maple sugar hams.

For customers looking for lighter summer fare, Butcher by Nature provides a large selection of organic and naturally raised fish, including organic salmon shipped in fresh from Ireland weekly. They also carry Local Certified Organic Arctic Char, fresh weekly wild caught fish (type of fish depends what is available fresh in season).

Butcher by Nature is a one stop shop for today’s busy consumer, providing a wide variety of salads, daily soups, and mouthwatering dinner entrées prepared by the in-house chef. The salads include everything from their signature Israeli couscous, to curried chicken-apple, to Greek. The dinner entreés, from cheese cannelloni, to summer favourites like chicken and pork Kebobs and beef satays, from cheese cannelloni, meat lasagna, vegetarian lasagna, meat balls in tomato sauce, shepherd’s pie have an authentic and homemade taste.

Organic cheeses, variety of gluten free products, organic hot dogs, gluten and wheat-free pastas, and many other products are also available.

For more information about their products and services call (416) 241-8187 and visit 515 Annette St.

Butcher by Nature’s experienced family team provides quality, health-conscious dinner ideas.

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