The art, the knowledge of meat, and the science behind it all, began many years ago, when my great-grandfather, a farmer, shephard and cheese maker decided this was the way to give his family a healthy way of living.  My grandfather followed his path and the tradition carried through three generations.

In 1954 my father immigrated to Canada, bringing his old school knowledge  – something money can’t buy.  With ambition, enthusiasm, a drive to succeed in his field, and a few pennies in his pocket, not even a major language barrier could stop him from getting his North American dream:  opening his own butcher shop.

FrankChopRw chopperRw

I reminisce often with my parents about those days and how tiny I was when I went along with mom to help dad at the butcher shop.  I was only 7 years old when dad began taking me to the shop on Saturday and during the summer months. He taught me everything he knew about the importance of farming, the art of carving and cutting meat, the authentic way to make sausages.  He always reinforced the importance of eating healthy:  meat should be natural, just like when he was growing up.  Amid the lessons there was always the sense that, above all, we are providing quality product to a trusting public.

Over the years I worked in the family butcher shop.  I pursued studies at University, but I knew I wasn’t content.  In time, I realized that the seed had been planted – my calling was in the art of meat preparation.  From deli clerk to meat manager I enhanced my craft and learned more about what consumers want and need in good meat products.

Today, with three children, my wife’s creative sensibilities and shared goal, we present our products with pride.  We continue to build the legacy my great-grandfather began generations ago, and we can see the results of wholesome food, hard work and undying vision.  It’s time we bring it back to what’s natural…

ask for the Butcher… by Nature.

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