Fenwood Farm is a family run organic farm located just outside of
Hamilton, in the rolling farmlands of Ancaster.


John and Carol Fennema started the farm in 1990. John was working as a heavy equipment mechanic when they bought the farm.  He had always wanted to be a farmer and this was the perfect opportunity for him.

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The only thing he disliked about farming was spraying pesticides. This all changed when they met an organic farmer who said “I don’t spray!”. Carol loved this idea and this was the beginning of organic farming for them. Now John makes all of the feed on the farm for the chicken.  Carol and their daughter Julie work full time on the farm as well.


Their chickens have the added benefits of fresh air and green pasture, their feed is enriched with flax and alfalfa.  No antibiotics or growth promotents are added to fee or water.  Air chilling also enhances the  flavour.
Our family enjoyed the visit at Fenwood Farm, great family & farm!!!


Local Farm Fresh Turkey s amazing flavour – For your holiday dinner — to ensure availability, please reserve your order early.  These birds also have the benefits of fresh air and pasture.  No antibiotics or growth hormones.  Their diet consists of flax and grains.  These birds are treated humanely, and never de-beaked!!

Our local beef, Lamb –  Suculent flavours, all animals raised humanely with love and respect, Local Pastured Heritage pork – old fashioned goodness and flavour.  In winter months they get their “GREEN” from alfalfa hay, and only supplemented  with limited amounts of grains such as oats and barley. Bison, elk and venison all farm raised, locally.  No antibiotics or growth hormones every used at any of the farms.

We also carry duck.  We carry ostrich only when available.

Our Farmers
Traditionally raised  means –  Our  farmers cares for the animals & treats them humanely.  The farmers believes that in practising disease prevention, never using antibiotics.
No artificial or additives are used.  No growth are given the their animals.  The majority of the time, the animals live on pasture.  In the winter they are given ample room and straw bedding.
  • No use of hormones or antibiotics
  • No GMO’s – genetically modified organisms
  • No animal by-products
  • Locally raised
  • Raised on pasture and finished with grains
  • Animals Humanly Treated at all times
  • Traceable from farm to fork
  • Federally inspected

Organic Farming – The animals are cared by the farmers humanely, they practise disease prevention, never using any antibiotics.

High standards for organic farming, minimum of 5 years records of every element that goes into farming, is kept in order.  An independent certifying body inspects their farm and records annually, making sure that they meet strict Canadian Organic Standards.
Organic Farming Strictly prohibits
– Animal by-products (as feed)
– GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)
– Drugs (including hormones)
– Chemical fertilizers in the fields
– Chemical pesticides, herbicides & fungicides in the fields

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