First we eat,

then we do everything else. 


3 Generations

of Butchers

Our story began on the green fields of Abruzzo where my grandfather Francesco DiGenova raised animals for his family and for other families in the town. He passed his teaching to my father, Nevio, who immigrated to Canada in 1954. My father opened up our first family butcher shop in Toronto, located at Bloor and Manning and then a second at Oakwood and Rogers. In keeping with tradition I followed the same path, learning about the importance of farming, and the art of being a butcher. In 2002, my wife Mirella and I opened Butcher by Nature, a butcher shop offering traditionally raised meat, with no hormones or antibiotics, high quality prepared foods and our signature marinated flat chickens that quickly became popular and are still a favourite today.


Today's Menu

Our prepared foods are made with fresh local ingredients and meats with no hormones or antibiotics, to give you that authentic homemade taste. Butcher by Nature offers delicious prepared foods like cheese cannelloni, traditional meatballs in a tomato sauce, meat or vegetable lasagna, chicken and eggplant parmigiana and savoury shepherd's pie. Leave the prep work to us and serve complete meals that require minimal effort.

Meat Boxes

We’ve are crafting 4 special boxes just for you. Filled with a variety of meats, this box was made for you and your family. 


Our Products go Beyond our Butcher Shop. 

We have built relationships with local co-op family run farms and suppliers to ensure only the best quality of products are found in our butcher shop. In our shop, you’ll find locally sourced, all free from antibiotics and hormones, certified organic chicken and sustainably sourced fish and seafood.


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Please note we are not a nut free or a gluten free facility.
Therefore cross contamination may occur.

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