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3 Generations of Butchers


Our story began on the green fields of Abruzzo where my grandfather Francesco DiGenova raised animals for his family & for other families in the town. He passed his teaching to my father, Nevio, who immigrated to Canada in 1954. My father opened up our first family butcher shop in Toronto, located at Bloor and Manning and then a second at Oakwood and Rogers. In keeping with tradition I followed the same path, learning about the importance of farming, and the art of being a butcher. In 2002, my wife Mirella and I opened Butcher by Nature, a butcher shop offering traditionally raised meat, with no hormones or antibiotics, high quality prepared foods and our signature marinated flat chickens that quickly became popular and are still a favourite today.


A Cut Above

We take pride in our partnerships with local farms and suppliers to provide you a full-service butchery, with certified meat handlers to serve up a variety of tender, high-quality meats from beef to lamb and pork. Butcher by Nature’s commitment to our customers is to continually create a variety of options for making healthy, simple eating decisions that are convenient and easy. Our meat is locally sourced, traditionally raised, organic and free of antibiotics and hormones.

Our large assortment of artisan made sausages includes the popular Macedonian Leek and Onion sausages, prepared in the shop using all-natural ingredients and casings.

Our deli counter is ready to slice, the shop’s very own Roasted Turkey Breast, Maple Sugar Ham and Berkshire ham. Add artisan made charcuterie products to your list, such as sopressata, guanciale, pancetta, and salametti.  

Our Famous Flat Chickens

Butcher by Nature’s staple product, the Marinated Flat Chicken, begins with a whole chicken, deboned, except for the wings and drumsticks. They are marinated in 6 different flavours and spices. Prepared to be oven roasted or barbecued, these chickens are easy to cook and eat with the family. 

From Shore to Store

Butcher by Nature offers sustainably sourced seafood, including fresh Icelandic Cod,
Organic Salmon, East Coast Scallops and Shrimp.

Prepared Foods

Nothing says freshly made like our prepared foods. Butcher by Nature makes all soups from scratch using fresh local ingredients. You’ll find homemade chilli and turkey soups, dinner entrées from cheese cannelloni, to meat lasagna, chicken parmigiana and shepherd’s pie. 


Our delicious pot roast in a bag makes dinner time quick and easy. Add our popular prepared and seasoned to perfection porchetta to your party. Available in many sizes to accommodate your family and guests.

Visit Our Shop

Located in the Junction at Annette and Runnymede, our shop is a family run boutique butcher shop, with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Go ahead, ask us questions about our products and get inspired to create delicious food. Browse our items and explore our shop. If you don't see a particular cut you're interested in, let us know and we'll accommodate your special order. 

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