Frozen Entrées

Medium - Serves 3 to 4 ppl

Large  - Serves 6 to 8 ppl

Meat Lasagna

Vegetable Lasagna

Meat Cannelloni

Cheese Cannelloni

Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Chicken Parmigiana

Eggplant Parmigiana

Shepherd's Pie


Stuffed Chicken Breast with Grilled

Seasoned and marinated kabobs 

add Lemon garlic herb

Stuffed Chicken Breast with
Sage & Onion

Peppers Stuffed with Quinoa
and Cheese (Frozen)


Vegan Burgers (Frozen) - 2 per pkg

Peppers Stuffed with Quinoa
and Cheese (Frozen)

Peppers Stuffed with Ground Beef
and Rice (Frozen)

Thai Shrimp in Sauce and
Cilantro (Fresh)

Chicken Apple Curry Salad (Fresh)

Roasted Veggies (Fresh)

Seasoned and Roasted Chicken Breast (Fresh)

Pinza Pizza Dough (Frozen) Ready
to top - 2 per pkg

Frozen Homemade Soups

32 oz - Serves 2 - 3 ppl


Chicken Noodle

Turkey Vegetable

Chicken Noodle

Pasta Fagioli

Tomato Vegetable with Noodle

Carrot Purée

Roasted Butternut Squash

Farmers Vegetable Soup

Vegetable with Rice
Vegetable with Quinoa

Frozen Stews

Serves 2 ppl

Beef Chilli

Turkey Chilli

Moroccan Bison Stew

Frozen Meat Pies

Personal - Serves 1

Large  - Serves 4 to 5 ppl

Chunky Turkey Vegetable Pie

Chunky Chicken Vegetable Pie

Chunky Steak and Mushroom Pie

Tourtiere Pie


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